Month: March 2018

Jessica Hill Q & A

 Jeremy Railton chats with production manager Jessica Hill.

JEREMY: Hi Jessica and welcome to EDC. You’ve only been here a few months as our Production Manager and we do these Q and A conversations so that we can get to know you on a more personal basis. We all spend so much time together that we become more like a family so sharing these chats with our readers and potential clients helps to build one of the most important things in our business: trust. To that end, would you tell us a little about where you were born and grew up?

JESSICA: I was born in Seoul, Korea, and moved to Chile at three years old. At the time, many Koreans were hoping to find a way to move to America, and often the easiest path was through a different country. My family and I moved to America when I was five. We first lived in Upstate NY, then New Jersey, and settled in Brooklyn NY.

JEREMY: I know you are married with kids—you can brag—so I know not to ask if you have hobbies or what you do with your free time unless you have miraculous super powers.

JESSICA: I wish I had super powers; I could really use those right now. I’ll settle for sleep and alone time. My two beautiful children, Mark (7) and Jude (3) who are the light of my life, keep me on my toes. I’m happy to report they’ve reached the age where we can all enjoy the beach in our different ways and I couldn’t be any happier. We like to surf, boogie board, swim, build sand castles, and collect shells.

JEREMY: Could you tell us about your previous education and life experience?

JESSICA: I was a dental hygiene major in New York City. The more I worked the more I realized that dental hygiene was not meant for me. My husband and I are big gamers, and when I was ready to rejoin the work force after rearing children, an opportunity in the video games industry came about. I began working in marketing and project management. This experience led me to a video game creative agency as the head of Business Development and Project Manager. My experience lies in creating marketing campaigns based on performance metrics.

JEREMY: How did you find out about EDC?

JESSICA: I was very interested in the production side of the entertainment industry and was referred to EDC through a mutual friend of Alex’s.

JEREMY: Was there anything in particular that attracted you to us?

JESSICA: EDC’s accomplishments and values are very well respected in the themed entertainment industry. I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to learn about the creative side of the industry.

Once I met the team, I was ecstatic. EDC’s team members are imaginative and ideas and cutting-edge. Every member of our team is so unique in their own styles and personalities. This leads to interesting lunch discussion topics. There’s never a boring day here, and I’m so grateful to be here.

JEREMY: With your Korean ancestry you are a good fit for this company of diversity! I am originally Zimbabwean, although I have lived here longer than most Americans and we have Francesca, our production designer, who is from Dominican Republic; Danilo, our illustrator, is from Colombia, while Alex, Richard, Ellen, and Teena are, respectively, from Florida, New York, California and Wisconsin and our company accountant is from China. Can you see any benefits to this diversity?

JESSICA: I’ve learned a lot from growing up in different countries and I believe EDC’s cultural diversity brings a global perspective that inspires fresh ideas. It creates a well-rounded workforce, but most importantly, the diversity of our team brings wider industry knowledge to adapt, innovate, and progress as a company.

JEREMY: As our production manager you drill down into the details of project scheduling, budgeting, client interaction, but I know you have a creative soul—do you think you will be able to feel creatively gratified.

JESSICA: My position is unique in I can express my creativity in different ways. Finding solutions and visualizing ideas through management of various projects is stimulating and rewarding. I appreciate EDC’s spirit of welcoming creative ideas from everyone on our team, beyond their specific responsibilities.

JEREMY: So far it’s been calm around here, apart from some long hours, but it can get crazy and stressful. Have you learned or do you practice any ways to help you remain calm. I have always found that a difficult challenge to manage.

JESSICA: This sounds cheesy, but like to take a minute to breathe and close my eyes, think of my children and how beautiful life is. One thing that makes my world a better place is the people I associate with. Big thanks to our team here at EDC for making stressful times manageable!

JEREMY: Is there anything you would like to share with your new family and our readers?

JESSICA: Being part of this team is an inspiration. There’s so much creative energy I can’t help but feel I am in a truly unique and special environment.