Levi Lack Q & A

Jeremy Railton speaks to Levi Lack.

JEREMY: When did you realize that you wanted to be an artist/designer? Did you have support from your parents?

LEVI: I think I realized it pretty young. I can’t remember I time that I wasn’t drawing, so it was always a part of the plan growing up! I knew I wanted to create things and spent most of my childhood building cardboard forts, drawing and painting. My parents have always been extremely supportive and encouraging about my creative endeavors.

JEREMY: Where were you born? Also when?

LEVI: I was born in Atlanta Georgia, June of 1995. Although I spent most of my time growing up in Reno Nevada.

JEREMY: Tell us about your family? Is there creativity in your genes or are you an anomaly in your family? Do you have siblings?

LEVI: My Dad is from Houston, Texas and my mom is from Kingston, Jamaica. Neither of them have art related work or careers, but they definitely have a bit of creativity in them. My great uncle Ary was a painter by craft, and I have some other family who are/were musicians. I have a younger brother named Jonah who is into photography and music, and 2 step siblings Lindsey and Logan.

JEREMY: What have you been doing in the design field before coming to EDC?

LEVI: Prior to EDC I was working as an Assistant Art Director at another design firm whose focus was more live events and broadcast. As well as that, I was doing a bit of theatre design and illustration on the side. Before I graduated from school I was able to be apart of some amazing design related work like the CalArts WDI Educational initiative, Intern at the Academy Awards, and have a theatre show travel to New York and back to California for some festivals!

JEREMY: What are your ultimate ambitions and your favorite medium to work in?

LEVI: I’d love to get the chance to one day do some production design for some large scale themed entertainment environments. That, and still be able to be do some concept illustration. Who knows! My favorite medium is still sketching with pencil to paper.

JEREMY: What interests or appeals to you about working for EDC?

LEVI: What was the most appealing was the range of projects you all work on and the role I would get to play in working on them. Everyone in the office and the environment seemed so welcoming and friendly, so that as well!

JEREMY: Do you do any fine art for yourself?

LEVI: I do a bit of sketching and world building in my free time- though I wish I had more time too!

JEREMY: What was your education and have you had any teacher or mentors that you would like to speak about?

LEVI: I got my BFA in Scenic Design from CalArts School of Theatre, but focused a lot of my time on Illustration and Scenic Painting as well. There are so many wonderful teachers I had in school, but if I could only name a few it would have to be Michael Smith and Mary Heilman. They really helped me grow as an artist and overall as a person.

JEREMY: What do you think is your most lovable quality?

LEVI:  People seem to appreciate my consistent calm and kind demeanor, and my commitment to pushing on until the project is complete.

 JEREMY: Tell us something about yourself that we have not asked.

LEVI: I’m first generation American on my moms side. My mom’s lineage consists of Jamaican, Portuguese, Haitian, Chinese, and on my Dads side my grandmother was born in Lithuania. So my brother and I have a pretty crazy gene pool. My mom joked she was playing genetic roulette with me while she was pregnant.